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For more information or questions about our products & services, please contact one of our locations near you.

Britton, S.D. Location:                         Sioux Falls, S.D. Location:

Toll Free: 1-800-658-5594                     Phone: (605) 338-5187
Phone: (605) 448-2202                         Fax: (605) 338-5350
Fax: (605) 448-5651                            

Truss Pro's, Inc.                                  Truss Pro's, Inc.
10954 424Th Ave.                                6116 South Lyncrest Ave Suite 103-104
Britton, SD 57430                                Sioux Falls, SD 57108
USA                                                   USA


                        Email: trusspros@trusspros.com
                        Website: www.truss-pros.com

   Our Britton, S.D. Office Staff:


   Our Sioux Falls, S.D. Office Staff:  


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